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 Personal Stories - Vicky

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Finally, someone understands me!!!!

Hi my name is Vicky. I am a human being who suffers from alcoholism, drug addiction and depression.  I have been trying to explain to my doctors as long as I can remember that I know I have stress and I have to cope with it. But it has such an overpowering effect on me physically. I needed some kind of help for sure.  But none of them understood me. I did not find any help, other than nerve pill addiction, until I admitted myself to a treatment center two and a half months ago. When nobody listened I unconsciously self medicated. All I knew was that the drink and drugs helped me to feel like I could tolerate being around people and being myself. This led me down one ugly road after another.

Then I was blessed by finding this treatment center. I went through the usual screenings and being checked out by a medical doctor and the psych doctor. As a result I was placed in a particular group for three group therapy classes each day.  This was the first time I ever heard of Dual Disorders! Every day I found that I could make sense out of more and more of my senseless life. I discovered that I should have been diagnosed with chronic depression years before. I still don't understand why I never got the help I needed from the medical profession before. I was taught there about my life past, present, and future.

I thank my higher power for placing me where I needed to be. I am still struggling with my days and nights away from the center. My life shows much more brightness just knowing someone finally understands me. Some days, now that I'm on appropriate meds, I can honestly say "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!" Thanks for listening.

      Love and lots of hugs,    Vicky  

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